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Mrs KJ commenced dancing at the age of 3 with the Halliday Sister’s School of Dance and the Berryl Ellis School of Dance in New South Wales. Her singing and stage training was under the guidance of Dot Mendoza and Betty Pounder. KJ’S Dance and singing career has seen her perform with the likes of Maggie Fitzgibbon, the Deltones and Toni Lamond. KJ moved to Brisbane at the age of 16 and continued her drama training and singing career at the Twelfth Night Theatre and also on the club circuit at Chequers in Brisbane.


KJ has written, produced and directed several original works that have been performed at venues in Brisbane such as The Actors Workshop and was choreographer for ‘Beauty and the Beast’ at The Brisbane Arts Theatre. Mrs KJ hopes that all her students will be enticed by the magical world of theatre and dance and is extremely lucky to do what she enjoys best...... teaching!




Miss Kelly is an actor, singer, dancer and most recently a mother! She has trained in acting for Stage and Film at Southbank Institute of Technology, The Actor's Workshop and continues to hone her skills at The Audition Technique with Greg Apps.  Miss Kelly spent many years dressing up Dreamworld's Cooee the Gumnut Fairy where she flew away on tour to Singapore, Tawain and Noumea.


Kelly has featured in several short films, feature films, television productions and TVC's.


Aside from teaching drama within the school, Kelly also runs classes for Film and television where the students learn the necessary skills for film acting.  The students completed their first short film in 2017.  It was entered into TROPFEST 25 and made it to the shortlist for the final 16 from hundreds of entrants.  A film will be made each year for this competition.   

Still from 'Nature's Own' advert

MRS STONE has been part of the KJ family for decades.    She makes all the behind the scenes business stuff work. 

Mrs Stone was also a member of KJ's for a duration of time she knows what it's like to be on stage too. 




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